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Enjoy 30% off On Your First Autoship!



Say goodbye to frantic last-minute orders and never run out of stock again with our Autoship & Save program!

For a limited time only, save 30% on your first Autoship on select brands

Starting Your Autoship

1. Shop
Simply locate your pet’s favourite food, toys, and more on our site. Instead of purchasing “one-off”, select “Autoship & Save”. Tip: not all products need to be delivered at the same frequency, so pick what makes sense for you (your cat litter once every 3 weeks, your treats every 1 month, or dry food every 2 months), all the while taking advantage of our bulk buy discounts!

2. Check Out
You can change your schedule anytime after checkout. Save an additional 1-5% on every subsequent Autoship order, plus benefit from our Best Price Guarantee for every Autoship order.

3. Relax
We’ll send an email one week before your order is processed. Tip: take advantage of our PetProject Express scheme to get tag along orders with your Autoship order. On the day of delivery, you’ll get an SMS with our delivery agent’s contact details and GPS co-ordinates just like your “non-autoship” orders.

How Does It Work?

*Subject at all times to Terms & Conditions & Fair Use, See here

Where To Find My Autoship Subscription?

1. Login
Login to http://portal-subify.shopgram.app to manage your Autoship account.

2. See More Details
You can view more details about your Autoship orders.

3. Edit
You can view your purchase history, amend your upcoming Autoship schedule, purchased product, personal details and payment method.


30% Off First Autoship


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Autoship?

    Autoship lets you schedule regular deliveries of your pet supplies, so you never run out of pet food or other essentials like training pads and treats ever again. PetProject's Autoship is not a subscription, but a tool which allows you to set your own delivery schedule with us: you can set a specific date, pause, postpone or accelerate your deliveries. We do request for cancellations only after 3 cycles (as we'll stock for you in advance and prevent stockouts). With autoship, we hope to better forecast demand, and in turn deliver to you superior customer service and more predictable delivery times.

    How do I set up Autoship so I can receive a recurring delivery?


    Instead of “one-off purchase”, just select the “Autoship and Save” option on your product page. The upfront welcome discount and discount of every subsequent order is shown on the product page. Each item is its own “autoship” order, so pick the frequency that makes the best sense for you, and remember to take full advantage of our bulk-buy discounts!

    Why Autoship?

    Each Autoship comes with great savings, going up to 30% off each time you start an autoship for a new SKU, and up to 5% for every subsequent autoship of that product. If that isn’t good enough, each Autoship order is also protected by our Best Price Guarantee, which means if you find something cheaper online, we’ll match it.  That way, you can sit back and relax, and spend precious time with your furbabies!

    For certain brands and during promotional periods, expect additional discounts.

    Fair Use Policy and Key Terms & Conditions PetProject.HK’s Autoship Function is at all times subject to Fair Use. What does this mean?
    • Each customer is only entitled to one welcome Autoship discount for each Product
    • Customers must complete a minimum, 3 full cycles, unless there are extenuating circumstances, and in which case PetProject.HK reserves the right to redeem the initial welcome discount. If PetProject.HK imposes a price increase and we are unable to match a lower price from a valid retailer, customers will be entitled to cancel.
    • The “Pause” function cannot be used indefinitely. Unless a customer has completed 3 full cycles, PetProject.HK reserves the right to resume Autoships which have been paused for extended periods of time, or the customer can opt to forfeit the initial welcome discount.
    What if I see someone selling my product for cheaper?

    All Autoship orders are covered by PetProject’s Best Price Guarantee.

    How does your Best Price Guarantee work?

    If you do find someone selling your product for cheaper, please send us link of the product - we will give you a refund for the purchase. Our guarantee is only eligible when the item is available for purchase immediately at another Hong Kong-based e-commerce pet store (excluding Ebay & Taobao), and is not a “close to expiring” product, or product on clearance. Promo codes, PawPoints, and other discounts cannot be used in conjunction with our Best Price Guarantee. In the rare event we REALLY can’t match the price, PetProject will issue a full refund with our sincerest apologies.

    How can I change my Autoship?


    Log in to your account, and go to “Manage Autoship Orders”. That page will show you all your products on Autoship. From here, you can:

    • Click “Change Date” to pick the date your next Autoship order will be processed (please allow for 2 business days after your order is processed for the parcel to get to you),
    • Click “Pause Autoship” to pause,
    • Click "Change Frequency" to set your desired frequency 
    What can't be changed for Autoship orders?
    • Order quantities, as most of our products benefit from bulk buy discounts of up to 40% (and yes, your Autoship Discounts stack on top of your bulk buy discounts!).
    • Cancel Autoships: cancellations can only be made after 3 cycles (as we stock up for you to ensure there's no stockout of your favourite products!), but contact us if you have extenuating circumstances.

    If you need to make amendments to any of the above, please contact customer service.

    Will you run out of stock on Autoship?

    We designed Autoship with our customers in mind, specifically, reducing stock-outs. By requiring 3 cycles, it allows us to stock up for you and better forecast demand. While it's still possible there's a supply shortfall, we'll be able to tell you with advanced warning, and recommend you alternatives from our 5000+ product list.

    Are all items on your website eligible for the Autoship & Save offer?

    Most items are. If there's something you'd like to set on autoship but is not currently offered, please contact customer service.

    Can I add extra one-off items to my scheduled Autoship order?

    Yes! Also, if we can tag it along with your Autoship Order, we will waive any shipping charges for orders <$300. You will have to create a new regular order and process payment. Check out our PetProject Express scheme to see readily in stock items.

    Can I stack my bulk buy discount together with the Autoship discount?

    Yes, you absolutely can.

    See how it works in these three simple pictures, below:

    When will my credit card be charged?

    Your credit card will be charged automatically at around 8:30pm on the date which you've set for autoship, and not a moment earlier. Our team will process your delivery the next working day after the payment has gone through. You may see a pending charge on your credit card as soon as we begin to prepare your order, which could be as early as 24 hours ahead of your scheduled ship date. There's no need to call or update anything online.

    When will my Autoship order be delivered?

    Your credit card will be charged at around 8:30pm on the day which you've scheduled an autoship, and not a moment earlier. Our team will then dispatch your order to a centralized logistics center the next day, and the parcel will reach you a day after that (i.e. 2 business days in total). Easy!

    What if there’s a price increase to your Autoship order?

    We will notify you via e-mail 1 week in advance of impending price adjustments, and you will have an option to cancel the Autoship order. 

    Any other questions?You know the drill - we’re always here to help and we’re constantly trying to improve! Contact us on +852 5600 8648, or e-mail us on help@petproject.hk for questions, to give us feedback or if you just want to send cute pictures of your furbaby! =)