Made with only the finest natural ingredients, Blue Buffalo’s all natural and high quality cat and dog food are made with real meat in every formula. Blue Buffalo offers a wide range of wholesome nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle for your cat or dog, ranging from their kitten food brands to their high protein dog food.

BLUE Wilderness, one of Blue Buffalo’s best line of high quality grain free pet food, offers a comprehensive approach to dog and cat food, ranging from grain free kitten dry food to their all natural grain free dog food. Inspired by the diet of your pet’s ancestors, BLUE Wilderness is a protein-rich, grain-free pet food that contains more of the delicious meat that your pet loves.

BLUE Buffalo’s dry cat food and dry dog food are formulated with LifeSource Bits, dark kibbles mixed in with the dry pet food that contain a precise blend of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants select by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists. Ingredients include Omega and Omega 6 for healthy skin and coat, Yucca Schidigera Extract for joint health, L-Lysine for growth and development, Vitamin D for healthy bones, Vitamin B12 for growth, L-Carnitine for endurance and fat metabolism, and Taurine for healthy eyes and heart. 
Blue Buffalo的所有優質天然狗糧與天然貓糧均採用最優質的天然成分製成,每種配方均採用真正的肉類生產。從小貓食品到高蛋白狗食,Blue Buffalo提供各種有益健康的營養,為您的愛貓及愛犬提供健康的生活方式。

BLUE Wilderness是Blue Buffalo最優質的無穀物寵物食品系列,提供全面的狗糧和貓糧食品,包括無穀物貓糧與無穀物狗糧。受到寵物先祖的飲食啟發,BLUE Wilderness是一系列富含蛋白質,無穀物的寵物食品,含有豐富寵物喜愛的美味肉類。

BLUE Buffalo的天然狗乾糧與天然貓乾糧採用LifeSource Bits配製,深色粗磨與乾糧混合,含有豐富維生素,牛磺酸,礦物質和抗氧化物,為眾多獸醫和動物營養師選擇。