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KRUUSE has been in the veterinary industry more than 100 years. We understand the needs of the veterinary profession and we work closely with leading specialists from all over the world. 

In close collaboration with specialists and vets we develop products with a veterinary angle in a quality ensuring the best results for animal health and the best tools for the vet.

With more than 100 years of experience and insights in the Veterinary Industry and a highly prioritized innovation program, we are developing products with a mission. KRUUSE and BUSTER brands are strong and well recognized on the global market. We complete our product range with quality products and brands from our partners.

All products have been specially selected to support animal health - that is our passion and vision.

KRUUSE在獸醫行業已有100多年的歷史。 我們了解獸醫行業的需求,並且與來自世界各地的領先專家緊密合作。


憑藉在獸醫行業100多年的經驗和見識以及高度優先的創新計劃,我們正在開發具有使命感的產品。 KRUUSE和BUSTER品牌已有很高的知名度,在全球市場上廣受認可。 我們以合作夥伴提供的優質產品和品牌完善了我們的產品範圍。

所有產品都經過特別選擇來照顧寵物健康 - 這就是我們的熱情和願景。