iBrea - Household Cleaner

iBrea - Household Cleaner

iBrea is a skin protection brand that provide full protection to your daily activities. MicroSilver BG™ technology is pure metallic silver with a highly porous structure and continuously releases active silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth in the surface and environment. MicroSilver BG™ has been certified as natural and organic in the EU & the US and is safe for humans, pets and environment.

Formulated in Germany, made in South Korea.

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MicroSilver BG™ 技術是以高度多孔結構的純金屬銀連續釋放活性銀離子,從而抑制細菌在表面和環境中滋生。MicroSilver BG™已在歐盟和美國獲得天然和有機認證,對人類,寵物和環境都是安全的。