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For 30 years, Merrick has operated on founder Garth Merrick’s philosophy of making food for pets in his own kitchen, bringing you natural, nutritious and delicious dog and cat food. To this day, Merrick continues to employ Garth’s practice to make and test each natural and healthy recipe in Garth’s original kitchen. Every recipe is purely natural and hand-crafted as Merrick believes that this approach is better than the scientific and mass-produced products’ approach.
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In addition to ensuring that all ingredients are fresh, Merrick is committed to using only the finest, most natural ingredients to ensure that your dogs and cats are enjoying not only delicious, but high quality pet food. All raw materials used by Merrick are strictly inspected and reviewed by Merrick to ensure high food quality, providing your dogs and cats with industry-leading protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and so on.

Our pets are born in nature and belong to nature. Merrick believes that even if dogs and cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, they still benefit from a natural diet closest to their ancestor’s. In addition to ensuring that all natural ingredients are used, Merrick’s natural dog and cat food are free of artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers.

三十年來,Merrick稟承創辦人Garth Merrick於自家廚房親自為寵物炮製食物的理念,為您帶來營養豐富,味道鮮美的天然貓糧與天然狗糧。