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TrisDent dental products are a unique combined dental formulation of Tromethamine, Edta and Chlorhexidine providing antibacterial action, plaque and calculus prevention. Dental Disease is the most common clinical condition occurring in both dogs and cats. Chronic dental disease can cause more problems than tooth pain and bad breath. It is also associated with damage to our pets’ internal organs.

The key to management of dental disease is prevention through routine dental care. Excellent oral health can be maintained with a consistent oral hygiene regimen using the many variations of TrisDent Products: Dental Water Additive Oral Hygiene Rinse and TrisDent Treats. You can get TrisDent dental products on PetProject.HK, save up to 15% on new AutoShip order! (Limited Time Only)

TrisDent護齒產品是一種獨特的三聚氰胺、乙二胺四乙酸和洗必泰組合的牙科配方。具有抗菌作用,防止牙菌斑和預防牙結石。 牙齒疾病是狗和貓中最常見的臨床疾病。與牙齒疼痛和口臭相比,慢性牙病會引起更多的問題。 它也與我們寵物的內臟器官受損有關。

最有效管理牙齒疾病的關鍵方法是通過日常牙齒護理預防。 使用TrisDent護齒產品可以保持出色的口腔健康:TrisDent牙科用口腔衛生沖洗劑和TrisDent寵物零食。PetProject.HK現已提供一系列TrisDent護齒產品,推廣期內首次訂購循環訂單更可享有低至八五折優惠!