Vet Expert

Vet Expert

VetExpert has promoted animal health and wellbeing since 2008

Our mission is to support global veterinary professionals and pet parents in their daily decisions concerning pet care measures and therapies so every animal can look, feel and perform at its best. Our products are now chosen by vets, breeders and pet owners in more than 20 countries. In Poland, VetExpert ranks as the most trusted brand among veterinary doctors. High quality and effectiveness of our products have been numerously acknowledged and awarded. The concept “VetExpert. Based on evidence” guarantees visible results supported by scientific evidence

No other brand offers such a broad range of specialist products

1. Supplements for companion animals

2. Rapid diagnostic tests for dogs, cats and livestock

3. Innovative cosmetic line

4. Unique hygienic products

5. Veterinary diets and maintenance pet food

6. Compound feeds for farm animals