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Ultra Litter

Looking for the Perfect Multi-Cat Litter?
Dr. Elsey’s #1 selling litter — Ultra has superior odor control and is perfect for multi-cat families and those cat owners with sifting or mechanical litter boxes.

The Litter Cats Love

Dr. Elsey’s believes litter can be loved™ – by cats and their owners. They’re on a mission to help keep cats in loving homes by providing proven, veterinarian formulated solutions.

Speak for The Cats

Dr. Elsey, along with his wife Kathy, founded the company in 1987 with a vision to help support pets and people in need. Enhancing the lives of pets to the degree in which they enrich ours is the ultimate pursuit. At Dr. Elsey’s, they put their heart, soul and science into products—it’s all about pets, not profit. Dr. Elsey’s is dedicated to creating products that solve the complex needs of pet owners.


艾思醫生銷量No.1 - 終極貓砂具有卓越的氣味控制能力,非常適合多貓家庭和使用鏟子或機械式貓砂盤的貓主。




Elsey醫生和他的妻子Kathy於1987年成立了該公司,旨在幫助支持寵物和有需要的人。寵物豐富了我們的生命,豐富愛寵的生命追求的最終目標。艾思醫生將自己的心靈,靈魂和科學融入到產品中 - 這樣完全是關於為了寵物,而不是利潤。艾思醫生致力於解決寵物和主人們復雜需求而創造他們的產品。

Dr. Elsey's - Precious Cat Ultra Scoop Litter - 18LB - PetProject.HK

Dr. Elsey's - Precious Cat Ultra Scoop Litter - 18LB

Keeping your kittys box fresh and clean has never been easier. Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter is made to handle tough odors and...

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Dr. Elsey's - Precious Cat Ultra Scented Cat Litter - 20LB - PetProject.HK
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Dr. Elsey's - Precious Cat Ultra Scented Cat Litter - 20LB

For those who want a Scented Litter...Ultra Scented contains a moisture release fresh scent. There is no scent until after the litter is used.- Moi...

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