"Healthy and delicious" is the basic principle of Kakato's premium pet food when it comes ingredients selection. From their grain free dry dog food to their all natural cat food, everything is made with your pet's health in mind. Their high quality dog and cat food and treats are made from fresh and natural ingredients without artificial colors, artificial flavours, preservative or flavour enhancer.

Known for producing some of the best natural food for cats and for dogs, Kakato's New Zealand-made gluten free dry pet food uses ingredients fit for human consumption and prepared with low-temperature high pressure cooking technology that keeps most of the water and nutrients in each kibble.

Kakato's all natural snacks are also known as the best grain free dog/cat treats around. There are two series - low-temperature air-drying and smoked steaming. Both series adopt natural ingredients for human consumption, such as wild-caught marine fish and meat from New Zealand natural farms.


Kakato的全天然小食也被稱為最好的無穀物貓狗零食。產品有兩個系列 - 低溫風乾和煙熏。這兩個系列均採用天然成分並可供人食用,如野生海魚和新西蘭天然農場的肉類。
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