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PETimmu is a daily immune support system for dogs and cats. It is virtually unrivalled in the nutritional supplement market. It is a complex blend of plant sterols, together with potent antioxidant support and essential fatty acid complex.
PETimmu is designed to be used on a daily basis to help maintain your pets optimum health. If however, your pet has been diagnosed with any health complaint, illness or disease, PETimmu may help provide symptomatic relief, as well as overall immune system enhancement. And remember, if your pet is sick there’s almost always an underlying cause – which is most likely due to a weakened immune system.
Plant Sterols and the potent antioxidants found in PETimmu have been shown to be important in helping to keep the immune system in balance, and in keeping the inflammatory response under control. Supplementation with PetImmu helps maintain optimum balance of these micronutrients and is a natural means of supporting your pet’s defence system. They also halt the rapid decline of the virus-fighting T-cells in immune defence, and help keep the immune system active, which is crucial to animals that are recovering from illness and disease.
PETimmu contains important immune balancing plant sterols that are potent immune modulators capable of reversing abnormalities of the immune system.
PETimmu is manufactured in Canada exclusively for Celt Naturals in a FMP/pharmaceutical Health Canada approved facility. You can get PETimmu products on PetProject.HK, save up to 15% on new AutoShip order! (Limited Time Only)

PETimmu被設計為每天使用的保健產品以幫助您的寵物維持最佳健康狀態。但是,如果您的寵物被診斷出任何健康問題、疾病或疾病,PETimmu可能會幫助您減輕症狀,並增強整體免疫系統。請記住,如果您的寵物生病了,幾乎總是有潛在的原因 - 最有可能是由於免疫系統減弱所致。
PETimmu包含重要的免疫平衡植物固醇,它們是有效的免疫調節劑,能夠逆轉免疫系統異常。PETimmu於加拿大的FMP/藥品衛生部認可的工廠中專門為Celt Naturals生產。PetProject.HK現已提供PETimmu產品,推廣期內首次訂購循環訂單更可享有低至八五折優惠!