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Best Feline Friend

Best Feline Friend (B.F.F) is one of the best natural cat food on the market. Their high quality cat food is made from the most natural and finest ingredients - dolphin safe, free of grains, gluten and carrageenan with real natural ingredients that you can see in every recipe.
If you’re on the search for grain free, high protein, and high quality cat food, look no further. With a base of tender red meat tuna, B.F.F’s recipes are made to boost your cat’s health and nutrition with animal protein, healthy fats and minimal carbohydrates. With a wide range of fun flavours to choose from, B.F.F will easily become your cat’s new favourite cat food brand. Taurine, which is an amino acid found in meat and is essential for the well-being of pets (especially cats), is present in all of B.F.F's grain free recipes with a minimum of 0.05%, meeting the minimum allowance guideline recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials ("AAFCO"). 
Known as one of best cat food brands providing cat food without grain, B.F.F is dedicated to providing customer’s cats a natural and healthy diet to fuel a lifetime of purrs and snuggles.
Best Feline Friend(B.F.F)是市場上最好的天然貓糧之一。他們的每個高品質貓糧食譜都由最天然和最優質的成分製成,真正純天然成分,無穀物,無麩質和無愛爾蘭苔菜膠。