Brabanconne, a Belgium pet food brand, is known for their high quality dog and cat food, raw dry dog food, and best dry cat food. With a series of tailor-made formulas for various age groups and breeds, Brabanconne’s all natural cat and dog food are made from ingredients that are hugely beneficial to our pets. All their food is made in Belgium and they only use the highest quality European ingredients. Only simple and pure meat and fish is used in their food with no meat meals and by products. Every product is carefully tested to ensure no toxic substance or high level of mercury is present in accordance with EU standards.

As one of the best dry pet food in the market, Brabanconne recipes are crafted to each individual pet's needs. From digestive support formulas to healthy ageing formulas, each recipe is created to enhance digestion and immunity. Their recipes are carefully picked for better cardiovascular health, kidney and joints health, and prevention from senile diseases.

Brabanconne’s dry pet food is providing pets with a high protein and natural diet. Taurine, which is an amino acid found in meat and is essential for the well-being of pets (especially cats), is present in all Brabanconne's dry cat and dog food with a minimum of 0.2-0.3%, meeting the minimum allowance guideline recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials ("AAFCO"). 
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