WeRuVa is one of the best cat food brands offered in the cat food without grain market. Their high quality cat food is made from natural and high quality ingredients, such as white breast chicken meat, Japanese mackerel, Australian grass-fed beef, wild-caught pink salmon, and more. For picky cats or cats with sensitive stomachs, chicken-free and fish-free options are also available. 
Taurine, which is an amino acid found in meat and is essential for the well-being of pets (especially cats), is present in all of WeRuVa’s grain free recipes with a minimum of 0.05%, meeting the minimum allowance guideline recommended by the Association of American Feed Control Officials ("AAFCO"). 
WeRuVa’s all natural cat food contains a wide variety of textures and flavours to please even the pickiest palate. Similar to a lot of the best cat food brands, WeRuVa’s recipes are high protein and grain free to ensure a natural and healthy diet for your cat. Available in both cans and pouches, these natural and grain free recipes are delicious and a cat crowd pleaser.
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