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iBrea and Microsilver - Pet-Friendly Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Products for the Home

iBrea and Microsilver - Pet-Friendly Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Products for the Home

With the recent resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong and globally, PetProject.HK is excited to introduce iBrea, a family of pet friendly antiviral and antibacterial products to give you better peace of mind in these trying times. 

With manufacturers and brands around the world jumping on the bandwagon and the large number of antiviral brands available, why do we recommend iBrea?

Here’s our top reasons:

1. MicroSilver BG™

Silver is a well known antiviral and antibacterial substance. 

Applying this concept, iBrea’s products all contain MicroSilver BG™, a pure silver powder additive with highly porous and micro-sized particles of silver. Unlike other “silver enabled” products on the market, MicroSilver BG™ ions are large enough to remain on the surface of skin and other applied areas, forming a long-lasting protective antiviral barrier.

MicroSilver BG™ is a technology developed by Bio Gate AG, a Munich-listed medical technology company, with over 100 patents globally.

2. Alcohol Free

Alcohol is extremely hazardous to pets - even small quantities can cause life threatening toxicity. Most antibacterial and antiviral cleaning products contain alcohol, and at PetProject.HK, our heart breaks at the thought of furbabies suffering because of the increased use of harmful household cleaning substances in these trying times. 

Thankfully, as iBrea products uses MicroSilver BG™ as the source of disinfecting virus and bacteria, their household disinfectant does not rely on and is completely alcohol free. 

3. 100% Natural & Pet Friendly

MicroSilver BG™ is completely natural, and is certified as such by COSMOS/​Ecocert and the Natural Product Association (NPA).

For a limited time only, these products are featured on our New Product Promotion page, meaning you can enjoy a 10% discount for first time purchases. Have one less thing to worry about during these trying times and make sure you can protect your hygiene and your pets’ health at the same time!


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