Features two interchangeable Brush Heads to meet the needs of all pet coats. (1) Black Diamond brush head: ideal for use with all double coated dogs whether they are coarse or soft haired and also works well on all coat types at times of heavy shed. But do remember to keep the brush head cleaned of all accumulated fur to maintain the unit’s efficiency.
(2) The Pinhead Brush: can also be used on all coat type but particularly efficient and gentle on single coated dogs, it is also the bush head we recommend you use when using as a therapy brush as the pinheads ensure your pets comfort at all times.

Two Heat Settings
(1) Low operates at a maxim 60 degrees Fahrenheit/16 degrees Celsius, with a standard heating element ideal for all sensitive area’s eye and ears
(2) High operates at maximum 84 degrees Fahrenheit/29 degrees Celsius using traditional heating element and Infra-Red element

Therapy Brush Function:

To use for therapy, brush the unit must be switched on to High Heat setting, this activates the Infra-Red light which is scientifically proven to be beneficial in a number of areas. including:

  • Enhancing Blood Circulation
  • Reducing pain
  • Strengthening the Cardiovascular system
  • Easing joint stiffness and pain
  • Easing joint inflammation
  • Revitalizing skin cells


Tips for acclimatizing your dog to the Brush

1. Let your dog become familiar with the unit leave it out so he can sniff and see the unit and get used to the look and smell
2. Brush your dog first with no power so they can get used to the feel of the brush
3. Start at low heat low speed ideally on the back and sides and use at this level until your dog is perfectly comfortable with the look feel and sound of the unit.
4. Once dog is fully acclimatized switch to high heat and high speed but do ensure that around eyes, ears and other sensitive areas you only use low speed and medium heat
5. If you are a new dog owner with a puppy then the rules are similar but start as young as you like with puppies as the earlier you start the easier and more fun your grooming sessions will become.
6. One important tip to save you time and make the grooming experience easier is always brush your dog well before washing make sure all knots and tangles are dealt with
7. To reduce your drying time significantly immediately after bathing dab you dog dry with a Roses Mega Absorbent PVA Towel this will remove all excess moisture quickly and efficiently, then wrap your dog in a Roses Large Super Absorbent Towel this will then dry the coat further and following both of these steps will reduce your drying time by up to 50%, but do not vigorously towel dry as this can cause knots and tangles to develop

About Roses:

Roses Top Dog is a British pet supplies manufacturer dedicated to the needs of Pets and their owners with all products stringently tested to prove their quality, pet friendliness and to be beneficial to the health and well being of all pets and their owners when bathing and grooming. Each product is specifically developed for Pets and to give excellent results in the condition of their coats and skin, and are fast gaining a reputation for excellent performance, and customer care.