FURminator - Deluxe Deshedding Tool (for dogs, cats and small animals)

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  • New improved version of the popular FURminator
  • Furminator DeLuxe Collection (s)The new FURminator DeLuxe has improved on several points: New ergonomic handle- New "FURejector" button to easily release the hair.
  • FURminator removes 99% of your pet's loose hair - you would otherwise traps and floating on the floor.
  • Useful advantages of the new FURminator:
  • Besides the new handle, then the new FURminator possible to operate with one hand. Where you at the old FURminator should remove the hairs from the leaf, one can at the touch of a button get FURminator themselves to remove hair. That means you can use the FURminator with one hand while you have the other free to hold the dog in place.
  • Gentle on hair. Although FURminator is effective, it is still gentle on the coat.
  • Cuts no hair
  • River is not in the hairs
  • Removes only dead undercoat and loose guard hairs
  • Tractor oils from the coat up and shiny coat.
  • Can be used on both short-, long-haired and wire-haired breeds.
  • Colour: Pink

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