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Looking for a quick and efficient post-bath dryer for your pup? Our Grooming Dryer Brush helps you to DRY and BRUSH your furry friends at the same time, meaning you free up your hand to calm your furbaby, making the grooming process a lot more efficient.

There's more to it - it comes with an ionic function which breaks down water left in your furbaby’s coat after they have been towel dried, and enhances your conditioner. Say goodbye to knots, pesky tangles and get paw-fect results!

Finally, it comes with a 6-month warranty!


  • Red
  • Black

*comes with 3 black brush heads

About Roses:

Roses Top Dog is a British pet supplies manufacturer dedicated to the needs of Pets and their owners with all products stringently tested to prove their quality, pet friendliness and to be beneficial to the health and well being of all pets and their owners when bathing and grooming. Each product is specifically developed for Pets and to give excellent results in the condition of their coats and skin, and are fast gaining a reputation for excellent performance, and customer care. 

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