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The Sphynx cat is a famous breed of cat, and yet not widely seen. It is a lively, sociable and friendly cat, which loves to play with other cats and even enjoys the company of dogs. It is very affectionate and loves to be stroked. It can sometimes be quite possessive of its owner. These cats enjoy being inside and don't particularly like the cold, heat or dampness outside. Its lack of coat is compensated for by a very active metabolism which controls its body temperature. It is important that it has an energy-rich diet during the winter so that it can maintain the correct body temperature.
Royal Canin Sphynx dry food has the ideal energy content for the specific requirements of the Sphynx cat. The special combination of borage oil, biotin, vitamin A and zinc boost healthy skin and help combat skin break-outs. The barrier function of the skin is aided by omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (EPA & DHA), which protect and hydrate skin. Taurine combined with L-carnitine helps improve the contraction force of the heart muscle. A special recipe ensures a moderate pH level and can have a positive impact on your cat's urinary tract health. The size, shape and texture of the kibble are ideal for a sphynx, which also provides for a good dental hygiene thanks to calcium chelators.

Royal Canin Sphynx Adult at a glance:

  • Specially designed for the Sphynx cat
  • For cats over 13 months old
  • Appropriate, increased energy content for maintaining body temperature
  • Borage oil, biotin, vitamin A and zinc:?For healthy skin, to combat skin break-outs
  • Omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids (EPA & DHA):?To promote the barrier function to protect and hydration of the skin
  • Taurine & L-carnitine:?In order to improve contractile force of the heart muscle
  • Encourage good urinary tract health: Special formula provides a moderate pH (6 - 6.5)
  • Special kibble: Adapted to the teeth of the Sphynx croquette - shape, texture and size
  • Especially tasty and balanced


Poultry protein (dried), animal fat, rice, vegetable protein isolate *, maize, vegetable fibers, pork protein (dried) *, animal protein (hydrolysed), wheat, corn gluten feed, beet pulp, minerals, yeasts, fish oil, tomato (source of lycopene), soya oil, fructo - oligosaccharides, yeast hydrolyzate (source of mannan-oligosaccharides), borage oil, marigold extract (source of lutein).


Vitamin A (23,900 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (800 IU/kg), iron (38 mg/kg), iodine (2.7 mg/kg), copper (8 mg/kg), manganese (50 mg/kg), zinc (149 mg/kg), selenium (0.08 mg/kg), L-carnitine (50 mg/kg), taurine (2.9 g/kg) - preservatives - antioxidants.

Analytical constituents

protein 33.0 %
fat 23.0 %
fibre 4.9 %
ash 7.1 %
calcium 1.03 %
phosphorus 0.83 %
magnesium 0.06 %
arachicdonic acid 0.09 %
beta-carotene 10.0 mg
biotine (vitamin H) 3.11 mg
chloride 0.76 %
choline 2.5 mg
iron 210.0 mg
moisture 5.5 %
folic acid 13.8 mg
iodine 4.4 mg
potassium 0.7 %

Manufacturer's feeding recommendation per cat in g/day:

Cat's weight Underweight Ideal weight Overweight
2kg 56 42 -
3kg 75 56 -
4kg 92 69 60
5kg - 81 70
6kg - - 79

Your pet should always have access to fresh water.

The amounts stated here are guidelines only and should be adapted to meet your cat's specific dietary needs.

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