Royal Canin - Mini Puppy Dog Food - 8KG

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  • Royal Canin MINI Junior dog food for puppies and young dogs of small breeds (1-10kg) aged 2-10 months; for a strong immune system, with maximum digestive security.

  • Bone and muscle building: a puppy will have completed muscle growth and bone strengthening by the age of 10 months.

  • Maximum palatability: carefully selected nutrients and natural flavours ensure acceptance even by puppies with fussy appetites.

  • Supports the immune system: a synergistic complex of antioxidants (taurine, lutein, vitamins C and E) strengthens the body's defences.

  • Optimal kibble size: special size, shape and structure of kibbles for easy chewing.


Royal Canin MINI Junior Dog

Small dogs have a very short and intensive growing period. If supplied with sufficient energy and protein they will multiply their body weight by 20 within 10 months. Small dogs who are fed correctly as puppies may reach an age of 13 to 16 years.

By using L.I.P. proteins, Royal Canin Mini Junior provides a guaranteed protein digestibility of at least 95%. The L.I.P. label is a sign for quality: It stands for Low Indigestible Proteins - selected, easily digestible proteins of high quality have been used to promote optimal digestion.

Complete dog food for small breed puppies?(adult weight 1 - 10 kg) from 2 to?10 months of age.?

  • Formulated with an immunity booster for the safe growth and development of your puppy.
  • Includes prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides for healthy digestion
  • Antioxidants like vitamins E, C, and taurine support a puppy's natural defenses
  • Specially balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus ensure optimal bone growth?
Features: ?Helps promote appropriate growth through and adapted energy intake and optimal protein content. ?Meets high energy needs during the growth period, accommodates digestive sensitivity, and satisfies fussy appetites. ?Helps ensure healthy skeletal development in the medium breed puppy through an optimal balance of calcium and phosphorus.


Poultry protein (dried), rice, animal fats, vegetable protein isolate*, corn, beet pulp, corn feed meal, animal protein (hydrolyzed), corn gluten feed, soya oil, fish oil, minerals, fructo-oligo-saccharides, yeast hydrolyzate (source of mannan-oligosaccharides), marigold extract (source of lutein).?
*L.I.P.: selected, easily digestible proteins with high biological value.

Nutritional dietary additives:?
Vitamin A (17,300 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1000 IU/kg), E1 [iron] (43 mg/kg), E2 [iodine] (3.4 mg/kg), E4 [copper] (8 mg/kg), E5 [manganese] (56 mg/kg), E6 [zinc] (186 mg/kg), E8 [selenium] (0.07 mg/kg).
Technological additives:
triphosphate (3.5 g/kg), preservatives, antioxidants.


Guaranteed Analysis

protein 31.0 %
fat 20.0 %
fibre 1.4 %
ash 6.8 %
calcium 1.14 %
phosphorus 0.9 %
magnesium 0.07 %
arachicdonic acid 0.08 %
biotine (vitamin H) 2.72 mg
chloride 0.51 %
choline 1.5 mg
iron 209.0 mg
moisture 9.5 %
folic acid 8.9 mg
iodine 3.4 mg
potassium 0.66 %
copper 15.0 mg
linoleic acid 3.02 %
manganese 69.0 mg
sodium 0.4 %
niacin (vitamin- B3) 14.9 mg
omega-3 fats 0.6 %
omega-6 fats 3.21 %
pantothenic acid 34.1 mg
plant fibers 6.4 %
selenium 0.16 mg
starch 26.3 %
taurine 0.19 %
zinc 227.0 mg
vitamin A 25.0 IE/kg
vitamin B1 (thiamine) 4.1 mg
vitamin B12 (cobalamin) 0.07 mg
vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 3.8 mg
vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 26.2 mg
vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 200.0 mg
vitamin D3 1.0 IE/kg
vitamin E (tocopherol) 500.0 mg
calories that can be burned 4.116 kcal/kg
dietary fibre 6.4 %
DHA fatty acid 0.25 %
lutein 5.0 mg
arginine 1.7 %
L-lysine 1.5 %
DL-methionine 0.77 %
methionine/cystine 1.24 %
nitrogen-free extracts 31.3 %

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