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Essential Foods - Dry Cat Food - The Panther - 1.5KG

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ESSENTIAL the PANTHER is a completely grain-free meal for cats, tailor-made for three unique lifestyles and stages. Please read on, the PANTHER might be just what you and your cat are looking for to unlock life’s fullest potential. And that’s exactly what we're trying to do here at ESSENTIALS for each and everyone we proudly get to serve our meals to.

01: Sterilised/Neutered Cats
Our “the PANTHER” recipe has been developed with the aim of helping to maintain an optimal urine pH range to support urinary tract health. This is especially important once the cat has been sterilised. Being sterilised may also lead to an increased appetite and/or a changed metabolism, which, if not addressed, can lead to the cat becoming overweight. The PANTHER is made with these situations in mind. Always consult a vet if your cat suffers from recurring urinary issues.

02: Indoor/Inactive/Weight-loss
Being an indoor kind of a cat is not necessarily synonymous with weight issues. Far from it. But if a low-activity lifestyle does result in putting on extra weight, or there is a need for a weight-loss diet, the PANTHER is our solution for you. The PANTHER is lower fat than the JAGUAR and contains ingredients aimed at an optimal life, including beet pulp and cellulose to support the reduction of hairballs.

03: Older/Senior Cats (7+ years)
As the years advance, some nutritional requirements start to change. As a rule of thumb, we highly recommend that you keep serving our incredibly popular the JAGUAR right up to the point in life when your cat appears to be gaining excess weight. The PANTHER ensures that fewer calories are consumed, and the added L-Carnitine helps the digestion of fats and supports this transition to a more sedentary lifestyle. Regardless of the lifestyle led by your cat and the stage of life it is at, he or she will enjoy the fact that each and every kibble is made from an abundance of delicious seafood. The PANTHER is everything you would expect from ESSENTIALS.
Freshly prepared salmon and white fish, dried salmon, pollock and herring, ESSENTIAL the OMEGA 3 OIL, potato, peas, lentils, chickpea, cellulose, beet fibre, liver gravy, minerals, vitamins, fructooligosaccharides, mannan oligosaccharides, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, dried cranberry, yucca extract.



Salmon & white fish 70,0 %
Of which fresh +30 %
Protein 44,0 %
Fat 12,0 %
Of which Omega-3 3,4 %
Of which Omega-6 0,9 %
Minerals/Crude Ash 8,5 %
Water 5,0 %
Fibre 4,5 %
Calcium 1,9 %
Phosphorous 1,5 %
Glucosamine 0,018 %
Chondroitin 0,012 %
Kcal/Kg 3,770 %

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