PetProject.HK: Bistro - Scratching Post - Kitty Owl House

Bistro - Scratching Post - Kitty Owl House (32.2 × 48.2 × 22.8 cm)

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Bistro Scratching Post is an environment friendly, sophisticatedly shaped cat scratcher, that surface is designed to mimic tree bark - a cat's favorite scratching surface in nature. Scratching is cat's natural territorial instinct - cat scratch over the place that he claims belong to him. The scratching post helps to fulfill cat's instinct, and keep the furniture and wallpapers safe. Moreover, cat needs scratching to exercise, to keep muscles toned, waistlines narrow and nails groomed.
Included certified organic catnip helps to habituate cat to his new scratching object. While the cat watches, rub catnip into the surface of the pad with your fingers. This helps activate the natural scent of the catnip, and encourages the cat to scratch.


1. Don't place the Scratching Post near the fireplace or heater.

2. Timely check the Scratching Post wear state. Remove the part becomes loose or detached.


Material: recycled corrugated cardboard

Size: 32.2 × 48.2 × 22.8 cm

Weight: 1.22kg

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