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PetzPark - Skin + Coat Supplements for Dogs - 45 Scoops - 90G

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Common skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis (hot spots), can cause dry, itchy, flaky and irritated skin.
Help your dog feel more comfortable in their skin by adding this grain free Skin + Coat supplement to their daily food.
🧴 HOT SPOTS: Ingredients used in this skin supplement are known to help condition your dog’s itchy and sensitive skin. This powder is designed to make your dog feel softer and silkier and prevent dry flaky skin. Its powerful formula also helps to soothe hot spots by using its special omega 3 feature.
✨ NAIL HEALTH: Dry, brittle or cracked nails are signs of an essential fatty acid deficiency. Omega 3 helps to protect cells that support nail growth and health, leaving us with smoother and less brittle nails.
🐩 SHEDDING AND DANDRUFF: Is your dog a shedder? Maybe you’ve noticed dandruff too? Skin + Coat for Dogs is a prime way to keep your dog’s coat where it belongs!
🦠 ALLERGIES: By protecting your dog’s skin health, its natural barrier function against allergens strengthens. This means that this dog skin and coat supplement helps to reduce environmental allergies on dog skin such as grass and pollen.
⭐️ COAT SHINE: Allow your dog to feel their best by transforming their once dull, dry and brittle coat into a shiny, soft and strong mane that they can be proud of. Enhance their coat by using our nourishing mix of ingredients.
❤️ HEART HEALTH: This Petz Park formula improves heart health and immune systems by promoting the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.
MADE IN AUSTRALIA: Proudly made here in Australia, Skin + Coat’s unique mix of ingredients is suitable for any age and breed of dog. Wondering what’s good for dog skin and coat? It's right here!
⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: This supplement includes a total of 308mg OMEGA 3 per scoop. If using alongside a diet already high in omega 3, please do not feed loading phase of recommended dosage and begin with maintenance.

💡 What’s the difference between omega 3 supplements and fish oil supplements for dogs? 💡
🐟 Fish oil includes a high amount of EPA and DHA but is an incomplete source of omega 3. This means that it contains other elements that are unnecessary and potentially toxic.
🐶 Fish oil turns rancid quickly. These two main fatty acids in fish oil are also the most vulnerable to oxidative damage. This means that using fish oil may produce damage called oxidative stress, leading to a number of other health issues in dogs.
✅ In using omega 3 supplements, you can be sure that your dog is receiving a more beneficial and safe amount of omega 3 in their diet as well as a longer lasting shelf life.

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