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Ecuphar - OROZYME Oral Hygiene Dental Gel for Dogs & Cats With Toothbrush - 70G

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The Orozyme Dental Care Gel is an ideal solution for effective mouth hygiene. The peroxidase system contained in the product, an enzyme in saliva, helps to maintain the mouths natural balance of microorganisms. Since the effectiveness of this system is depending on the degree of salivation, which in turn is depending on the general health, the diet and the age of the animal, it makes sense to apply the peroxidase system in addition to other care products. Orozyme dental care gel also contains a surface-active substance which ensures that the orozyme comes in sufficiently long contact with the teeth and gums. The enzyme complex infiltrates plaque and destroys the basis for bacterial growth. This way, the destruction of existing plaque is promoted and the formation of further plaque is prevented. Additionally, the plaque is removed mechanically by the mild polishing substance contained in the gel, which is automatically applied via the dog's saliva and tongue.

Application Areas:

- For the daily care of the teeth of dogs and cats.

Application Recommendation:

Once daily or together with the Orozyme® chewing strips – apply 3 times per week.

- Give directly to the dog's mout.

- Give directly to the cat's mouth or apply to a paw to be licked off from there.



  • Small dogs and cats → 1 cm gel
  • Dogs lighter than 20 kg → 2 cm gel
  • Dogs heavier than 20 kg → 5 cm gel

The pack comes with a head that facilitates the application to cats and small dogs. Brushing the teeth with the gel is not necessary. If necessary, the teeth of the animal should be treated by a vet first.

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