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Environmentally friendly
All products SuperCat is made from chemically pure fibers of softwood. They are non-toxic throughout the production and use.
Maximum absorption
When moisturized, pellets begin to swell, effectively binding the liquid. They are much more effective than the analogs of clay.
Safe for humans and animals
SuperCat products do not contain mineral dust, dangerous to the respiratory system of animals and humans. Eliminates the cause of urolithiasis - a serious problem for cats and small dogs. As you know, after using the toilet animals are licking paws, and swallow the mineral dust. In the case of wood filler there is nothing to worry about. Even if the animal is out of curiosity, will taste pellets - it is harmless and safe.
Easy recycling
After use, SuperCat pellets are safe to throw in the toilet (it does not clog the pipes).Used pellets can be used as fertilizer. At the final disposal of such waste pellets burn just like wood.
Fights unpleasant odors
SuperCat pellets are made using a unique formula that helps to deal with the smell much more effective, than it does other wood fillers. In particular, the litter for rodents Hamster has been successfully used in pet stores, which is the best recommendation.
Helps to toilet-train your pet
Special additives are used in the filler that helps to toilet train your pet.

natural wood fiber

Instructions for use:
  • Just put litter into clean, dry tray with a layer of 1-2 cm and it is ready for use! Trays with mesh can also be used.
  • Replace litter at least once each 5-7 days.
  • Used litter can be flushed down the toilet or used as fertilizer in a garden.
  • If you used another litter previously, switch an animal to SuperCat gradually, by mixing the old and the new litter first couple of times . It will make it much easier for animal to get used to a new litter.

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