Royal Canin - Vet Care Nutrition Puppy Pro Tech Milk - 300G

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Authorization for Veterinary Use:
Kindly seek advice from your personal family veterinarians before acquiring any prescription products.

Colostrum supplement and milk replacer

Puppy Pro Tech is a new, revolutionary milk to support the puppy's growth and development. It is especially recommended for newborn puppies with a greater need for customized nutrition as well as very young puppies. The milk is developed and composed as a supplement to colostrum pups receive from their mother.

For steady, harmonious growth the compostion of PUPPY PRO TECH is as close as possible to bitch's milk, with high energy and protein level.

PUPPY PRO TECH contains carefully selected ultra-digestible proteins, and has a lactose content very close to their mother's milk. Particularly sutiable for the puppt's digestive system because it does not contain starch. The addition of prebiotics helps maintain a healthy balance of digestive flora.

Thanks to its exclusive formula, PUPPY PRO TECH dissolves instantly and completely with no sediment, creating a toally homogenous formula.

The puppy's nervous system continues to develop after birth. DHA naturally present in maternal milk helps develop cognitive function. PUPPY PRO TECH is enriched with DHA.


1. Pour the required wuantity of water with a low mineral contect heatted to 100? C into the feeding bottle provided. Min 40ml.
2. Wait until the ink becomes grey again (NO disappears), meaning the water is now <50 C, before adding the powder (to preserve the product's properties).

3. Add 1 level spoonful (10ml) of powder per 20ml of water.
4. Close and shake the feeding bottle.
5. Make sure the milk cools down and check its temperature on your wrist before giving it.

The milk should be used within 1 hour after reconstitution.

Package Size
300g BOX (6x50g sachets)

Nursing Kit includes

  • 1 dedicated feeding bottle
  • 3 variable-flow teats adapted to different puppy sizes
  • 1 clamping ring
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • 1 use guide

Recommended for

  • Orphaned puppies
  • Insufficient colostrum and/or milk from the bitch
  • Agalactia
  • Mastitis

Milk proteins, milk fat, vegetable oils (including oil rich in arachidonic acid), maltodextrin, dried egg products (source-specific globulins), whey protein, fish oil (source of DHA), minerals, fructo-oligosaccharides.

nutrients added (per kg); Vitamin A: 20000 IU, Vitamin D3 IU, Iron: 88 mg Iodine: 3.5 mg Copper 13 mg, Manganese: 67 mg, Zinc: 191 mg, Selenium: 00:45 mg. Antioxidants.

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