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PoochPad - Ultra-Dry Crate & Kennel Pads - Wire Crate Pads

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House and transport your dog in clean comfort with PoochPad Crate Pads. They absorb up to 4 times their weight in moisture and is specially treated to stop odors before they start.

PoochPad Crate and Kennel Pads are specially designed for use in crates and kennels during transit. A soft, foam cushion features a zip-off cover which uses PoochPad's revolutionary fiber technology to absorb up to 4 times its weight without leaking. In addition, the pads are made with Microfine fibers to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. With proper use and care, PoochPads can stand up to more than 300 washings without losing their absorbency or odor-killing effectiveness, making them an economical and environmentally friendly choice.

Made with Microfine fiber technology, PoochPad Crate & Kennel Pads protect your dog during transport or while spending time in their crate. Constructed with a "stay-dry" material next to your dog that is porous and non-absorbent allowing fluid to pass through to three middle layers of Microfine moisture dispersion fabric. The bottom layer is a barrier layer that prevents urine from soaking through and protects the orthopaedic foam core of the pad.

Designed with easy to wash zip-off cover that does not allow liquid to soak through to orthopaedic foam. Can also be used as an orthopaedic bed!

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