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Papai - Nano Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter - 5KG

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  • Papai Nano Anti-Bacterial Soybean Cat Litter 5kg uses water (H2O) and oxygen (02) in the air to produce positive and negative ions. Ions will be adsorbed on the surface of bacteria and viruses to extract hydrogen (H), in order to destroys the cell membranes of bacteria.

  • Long lasting and durable - Continue to maintain sterilization and de-odorizing effect, refill new sand regularly.

  • BioDegradable - Natural, chemical-free, continuous decomposition of odors, including bacteria and urine odors.

  • Highly concentration - Cat litter can be quickly degrade in water and able to wash away directly in the toilet, sanitary, convenient and environmentally friendly.

  • STC Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center has tested and verified that it can reduce Salmonella typhimurium (99.97%), E. coli (99.64%), and Staphylococcus aureus (99.96%).

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