Papai - Nano Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter - 2.5KG

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Papai Nano Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter - 2.5kg

Newly debut Papai Nano Antibacterial Cat Litter, raises the standard of cat litter to a higher level. Using nanotechnology to add antibacterial minerals to cat litter, the cat litter is truly antibacterial. Verified by STC Hong Kong Testing Center, the antibacterial efficacy exceeds 90%. It eliminates bacteria and deodorizes thoroughly at the same time, The professional deodorizing effect is far superior to the current market's tofu sand. We sincerely recommend all cat owners to try our innovative brand new cat litter

Deodorizing ability

Papai Nano Antibacterial Cat Litter has added nano minerals to high-quality natural tofu sand. The minerals can generate positive and negative ions by the combination with moisture (H2O) and oxygen (O2) present in the air, and the positive and negative ions will be then absorbed on bacteria and viruses. The hydrogen (H) is extracted from the surface of bacteria and viruses, and then decomposes and destroys their cell membranes. Eventually, bacteria and viruses that cause foul odours lose their ability to divide and reproduce and eventually die. The unpleasant odour will no longer be a problem for pet owners. Cat litter can keep dry for a long time, always full of initial natural bean aroma.

True Antibacterial - Hong Kong Standard Testing Center certification, long - lasting prevention of urethritis

Papai Nano Antibacterial Cat Litter is added with nano minerals, and its efficacy has been certified by the Hong Kong Standards Testing Center (STC). It is confirmed that its antibacterial efficacy is higher than 90%, and generally most tests have shown antibacterial efficacy as high as 99.97%, which can greatly reduce the cat’s exposure to bacteria and viruses. By effectively preventing urethral problems caused by bacterial infections, it truly protects the health of our fur kids as well as maintaining proper home hygiene


Papai Nano Antibacterial Cat Litter is made of food-grade materials, 80% of the ingredients are from pea flour. It is natural, gentle and environmentally friendly, non-irritating, hypoallergenic, with very little dust, and strong in coagulation and water absorption. Since it is biodegradable, just pour the cat litter into the toilet and flush it away.

Durability - No longer necessary to pour empty the whole tray/contents of cat litter

The unique antibacterial technology of Papai Nano Antibacterial Cat Litter can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and viruses. Therefore, pet owners no longer need to replace the entire cat litter every time and can also maintain the cat litter dry and odourless for a prolonged period of time due to its advance durability.

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