One for Pets - Outdoor Pillow Bed - Brown Flora - 21" x 27" x 5"(S)

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SKU 30007535


Water Repellent, UV-resistant & Machine Washable

The Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Bed is made for your dog’s enjoyment, indoors or outdoors. Manufactured using Olefin or Spun Polyester fabric, it’s designed for extra durability and long-term performance. Dust and waterborne stains can be simply rained off.

Olefin or Spun Polyester fibers can wick moisture and dry quickly. It does not dye well, but has the advantage of being colorfast. The fibers have the lowest static of all manufactured fibers and a medium luster. One of the most important properties of Olefin and Spun Polyester is its strength. It keeps its strength in wet or dry conditions and is very resilient. Depending on how it is blended, Olefin and Spun Polyester fabric can be abrasion, stain, sunlight, fire, and chemical resistant.

    Note: For hygiene reasons, the supplier has requested that this product can not be returned once dispatched. Please note!

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