Max & Molly - H-Harness - Movie

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Our comfortable harness
It is essential for both you and your dog to be in control throughout the walk. Our harnesses offer a perfect solution.

The H-shape is comfortable and supportive, easy to adjust to most body shapes and your dog will get used to it in no time.

Our unique sandwich construction:

A thick layer of extra strong polyester on top, soft padding inside for that extra comfort, and a modern easy drying anti-allergic neoprene material on the bottom.

It also has an extra D-ring on the neck part for training purposes.

All metal parts are beautifully brushed and you can adjust it so it will fit perfect on any dog.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L.
XS: Neck 24-39cm / Chest 1cm x 32-40cm
S: Neck 30-46cm / Chest 1.5cm x 44-52cm
M: Neck 36-58cm / Chest 1cm x 54-69cm
L: Neck 46-77cm / Chest 1cm x 71-98cm

Material: Polyester, neoprene

Care instructions: Gentle machine wash. No tumble drying.

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