Lintbells - YuDERM - Skin & Coat Health - Moulting Essential Omega Oils Supplement for Cats - 50ML

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Lintbells YuDERM Moulting Cat Supplement is a natural nutritional supplement, rich in omega oils and designed to nourish skin, keeping it smooth and supporting the body's natural moisture barrier. It also contains a range of nutrients designed to keep the coat in optimum condition, minimising hair loss and, accordingly, the build-up of hairballs. This tried and tested recipe is recommended by breeders and veterinarians, showing visible results as little as 4-6 weeks.

This specially developed Lintbells YuDERM Moulting Cat Supplement contains omega-6 from evening primrose oil, with vitamin E from natural plant sources to help neutralise free radicals and keep your cat's skin well-nourished. Omega-3 from delicious, fresh salmon oil can improve overall coat condition, whilst sunflower oil provides additional skin help. The salmon oil comes from the Norwegian fjords, being processed in under an hour to ensure the freshest, most-effective benefits for your cat.

Lintbells YuDERM Moulting Cat Supplement at a glance:

  • Nutritional supplement for cat skin and coat health, helping to reduce moulting and hairballs
  • Nourishes and replenishes: the ideal supplement for improving dry, flaky skin
  • Blend of beneficial oils: with evening primrose, sunflower and fresh salmon oils to provide essential omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • With vitamin E: from natural plant sources to help neutralise free radicals
  • Norwegian salmon oil: fresh from the fjords to improve overall skin condition and reduce moulting
  • Trusted by veterinarians and breeders

Evening primrose oil, sunflower oil, salmon oil, fish oil, vitamin E.



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