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Lintbells - YuDERM - Skin & Coat Health - Itchy or Sensitive Skin Essential Omega Oils Supplement for Dogs - 250ML (EXP:18/5/2024)

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  • The UK's NO.1 Veterinary skin Supplement- YuDERM Itching Dog, previously YuMEGA Itchy Dog - Is a premium quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy
  • Reduces Itching and scratching - YuDERM Itching Dog is rich in Omega 6, a key component of the skin moisture barrier which helps protect the skin from irritants and nourishes soft and supple skin
  • Calms sensitive skin - Enriched for higher of Omega 3 our 100% cold-pressed Salmon oil helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin
  • Supports skin and coat health - Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax seed, Helps to support and strengthen your dog's hair follicles to help them keep hold of their hair for longer
  • Feedng - Simply pump the oil over your dog’s food - each pump contains approximately 2 ml. | Small Dog (up to 10 kg) - 1 Pump | Medium Dog (11-20 kg) - 2 Pumps | Large Dog (21-30 kg) - 3 Pumps | Very Large Dog (Over 30 kg) - 4 Pumps
  • The right blend of Omega 3 and 6 oil can really help itchy dogs who scratch a lot - our premium cold-pressed oils are recommended by vets to soothe itches and calm sensitive skin
  • This improves your dog’s coat condition and reduces moulting

This Lintbells YuDERM Itching Dog Supplement uses natural, cold-pressed oils of premium quality to help soothe sensitive skin and calm itching. It is a high-quality supplement made using starflower, salmon oil and golden flax to help nourish your dog's skin, support barrier function and improve the condition of your dog's coat.
Lintbells YuDERM Itching Dog Supplement has been formulated using the finest golden flax and borage seeds, which undergo a cold-pressing process to extract the beneficial oils. These oils are then immediately bottled, helping to ensure it is as fresh as possible when your dog receives it. Vitamin E is added to Lintbells YuDERM Itching Dog Supplement to help keep the oil in top quality, as well as neutralising free radicals.

The finest 100% salmon oil from the Norwegian fjords is included in Lintbells YuDERM Itching Dog Supplement, going from fish to bottle in under an hour for fresh, effective skin support.

Lintbells YuDERM Itching Dog Supplement at a glance:

Premium quality supplement to help soothe and support your dog's skin
Made with top-quality salmon oil, fish oil, golden flax oil, starflower oil and vitamin E
Effective in as little as 4-6 weeks
Reduces scratching: starflower/borage provides GLA, which can ease itches
Sensitive skin: cold-pressed salmon oil contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, to soothe and calm sensitivity
Maintain the skin's barrier function: omega-6 linoleic acid soothes, nourishes and maintains the skin's natural barrier function
Improved coat condition: golden flax provides omega-3 fatty acids, to keep your dog's coat looking and feeling great
Long-term effects: vitamin E from plant sources acts as an antioxidant, supporting the skin's natural defences and helping to keep your dog's coat and skin healthy
In a handy new easy to use pump
Trusted by veterinarians and breeders

Salmon oil, fish oil, golden flax oil, starflower oil, vitamin E.

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