Innovet - Skin Care Supplement For Cats & Dogs - Redonyl® Ultra - 150MG/60TABS

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A triple anti-allergenic mechanism that works at the root of skin allergies, Innovet is proven to be effective in clinical data.

Inhibit sensitive skin areas
Reduce rash, itching, skin breakdown/thickening/scaling/scaling
Improve dryness and hair loss
Topical application can be effective for up to 7 days, while the internal formulation can help reduce relapse cycles.

Inhibits auto-allergic reactions - Immunomodulation: Mast cells are hypersensitive, reducing the release of inflammatory signals.
Repair of the skin barrier - rebuilds the protective skin layer and reduces the risk of allergen invasion.
Preventing bacterial infections - restoring the balance of flora and fauna and fighting against the growth of harmful bacteria.
Made in Italy

Mild: free of pharmaceuticals, steroids, fragrances, colors and stimulants
All products can be used with medication
Suitable for long term safe use
Soothes red and irritated skin, helps manage eczema
Repair damaged skin barrier
Contains natural PEA ingredients to help target sensitive cells

Feeding guideline
Suitable for dogs and cats of all ages
For pets less than 12kg, use 50mg.
For pets over 12kg, use 150mg.

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