Imperial Cat - Gourmet Scratchers - Banana (9"D x 4.5"H x 15"W)

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Give your cat the Imperial Cat Banana Scratch 'n Shape to play with to help her keep her claws healthy. This corrugated cardboard scratcher is shaped like a banana and is comfortable for your kitty to lounge on after playing.

Our Banana Scratcher is a sweet treat for your cat, and features a tropical design that looks great in any décor. Not just for relaxing, the Banana is made from the same rugged, corrugated cardboard as our famous scratchers making it a pleasure for cats to scratch. Every Imperial Cat Scratch 'n Shapes comes with a bag of Imperial Cat 100% Organic Catnip - sprinkle on a little or sprinkle on a lot for an aroma that will attract your cat like a magnet and get the fun started!

  • Helps protect your furniture from destructive cat scratching
  • Provides a place for kitty to scratch, play and sleep
  • Keeps cats' claws and muscles healthy and strong


Remove packaging. Do not remove the protective paper from the bottom of the scratcher. Place Scratch 'n Shape on the floor near your cat's favorite spot or where your cat is scratching. Apply Imperial Cat Certified Organic Catnip to the top surface of the scratcher above the protective bottom paper. Use your hand to gently rub the catnip into the scratcher if desired. Allow your cat to discover the Scratch 'n Shape - you may place your cat on the Scratch 'n Shape, but do not try to force your cat to use it, as this may scare your cat. It may take several days for your cat to become accustomed to a new object. Use training methods such as praise and petting to encourage your cat to use the Scratch n' Shape and not your furniture.


Dimensions: 9"D x 4.5"H x 15"W

Material: Corrugated Cardboard

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