PetProject.HK: iEnergy - Negative Ion Neck Collar for Dogs (L)

iEnergy - Negative Ion Neck Collar for Dogs (L)

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The force of the ions for your favorite and loyal friend! With guaranteed over 1 negative Ions! Negative Ions neutralize harmful positive ions and can thus improve the wellbeing of your pet
  • Size: L 22"-29.5"


  • Positive effects on the immune system of your pet

  • Help reduce stress

  • Promote a healthy sleep

  • The elimination of toxins from the body support

  • Improve the general health

  • Energy gets its power by tourmaline and negative ions. Tourmaline is a mineral that has a positive effect on body and mind. Negative ions are also known as "vitamins of the air"


  • Studies have shown that negative ions accelerate the delivery of oxygen

  • The brain cells and the muscles get more energy by negative ions, so that your pet can be more powerful.

  • Negative ions are found in places with fresh air, such as the mountains, in forests, in areas with moving water, such as waterfalls and the seas.

  • Studies also show that negative ions are absorbed into the body in two ways - 1) by inhalation, but in most cases, 2) absorption through the skin

  • It is assumed that negative ions neutralize the effects of harmful and disruptive positive ions

  • Positive ions pass through the radiation of computers, antennas, mobile phones, bad and polluted air

  • These interfere with the function of the muscles and the nervous system

  • The more so your pet come into contact with negative ions, the greater the positive ions to be neutralized

  • Cells respond to electrical impulses, which are routed through ion channels. If the natural ratio of negative ions and positive ions is not balanced, the information and impulse conduction be slowed or disturbed. This results might blockages, which then affect the vitality, strength and agility.

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