Healthy Moments - Grain-Free Hypoallergenic Functional Dog Food - Skin & Coat Care Formula - 2LB

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Skin is the largest organ of the dog's body. It is also the most important first line of defense for pets against environmental challenges or pathogen invasion. Supplementing the nutrients needed by the skin from daily food will help adjust skin metabolism, strengthen skin health, effectively fight allergies, and reduce the chance of infection.
The most convenient and effective way is to choose a functional healthy food that can help dogs supplement the skin's nutrients, prevent skin and allergic problems, and reduce the risk of skin diseases.

Lamb, collagen, soy lecithin, nutritional yeast soft, dextran, pea protein, coconut glycerin, cassava powder, pumpkin powder, perilla powder, wormwood powder, pumpkin seed powder, turmeric powder, linseed oil, vitamins E

Nutritional analysis:
Crude Protein Min 32%
Moisture Max 14%
Crude Fat Min 24%
Crude Fiber Max 2%
Ash Max 2.5%
Calorie Content 470kcal/100g

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