Healthy Moments - Grain-Free Hypoallergenic Functional Dog Food - Joint Care Formula - 2LB

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Joint problems are not necessarily unique to older dogs. In addition to some hip insufficiency that may be congenital hereditary, it may also be caused by acquired problems, such as jumping up and down, often going up and down stairs, excessive exercise, obesity, etc. Therefore, the maintenance of joints should be from the dog Started at a young age.
The most convenient and effective way is to choose a functional health food that can help dogs supplement their joints with nutrients, prevent joint problems from occurring, and reduce the risk of arthritis.

Lamb, collagen, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin, yucca extract, pea protein, coconut glycerin, tapioca starch, pumpkin powder, perilla powder, wormwood powder, pumpkin seed powder, turmeric powder, linseed oil Vitamin E

Nutrition Analysis:
Crude Protein Min 33%
Moisture Max 14%
Crude Fat Min 20%
Crude Fiber Max 2%
Ash Max 2.5%
Calorie Content 450kcal/100g

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