Herz - Dry Dog Food - Grain Free Australian Lamb - 2LB (Min. 2 Bags)

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Lamb is rich in vitamin B12, which can prevent anemia. And contains L-carnitine, which can help fat metabolism. Can also lower cholesterol.

The low-temperature pressed linseed oil can fully maintain its activity and nutrition. Linseed oil is rich in omega-3&6 essential fatty acids, which is very important to the overall health of dogs.

Main ingredients:
Australian lamb, vegetable protein, glycerin, water, pumpkin powder, perilla powder, wormwood powder, turmeric powder, cassava powder, linseed oil, vitamin E

Nutritional analysis:
30% or more crude protein; 20% or more crude fat; less than 0.1% crude fiber; less than 14% moisture; less than 2.2% gray matter
Added linseed oil 179mg/100g, which contains Omega-3 essential fatty acids 980mg/100g, Omega-6 essential fatty acids 200mg/100g

Suitable for small, medium and small breeds.

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