Herbsmith - Glimmer Small Chews For Dogs - 60CT

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It’s Monday and you’ve picked a killer black outfit to mourn the passing of the weekend. You get to work, and your coworker makes “that” face which can only mean something’s gone seriously wrong with your get-up. You look down and sigh because your carefully selected outfit now has a fur vest add-on courtesy of your dog’s hair. You take out the lint-roller and vow to find a solution to the excessive shedding. How can one dog shed so much?! Doggy dander, dandruff, and dry skin actually occurs when dogs lack beneficial omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 restores moisture to the surface of the body, promoting healthy skin and a shiny coat. And this is where Glimmer can help! Glimmer is a skin and coat supplement for dogs that takes a different approach to skin health. Yes, it is rich in Omega fatty acids but the EPA and DHA come from anchovy and krill, a cleaner source of omegas and a more sustainable fish oil for dogs. Borage and Evening Primrose, the two oils used for Omega 6 and GLA, not only hydrate the skin but help the body produce its own protective oils to nourish the skin. These dog skin and coat chews also differ from most products because they include herbs like black sesame and polygonum; more natural sources that will get your pup not only looking but feeling their best! Administer the recommended amount below daily.


  • Omega 3 (EPA & DHA) Anchovy Oil, Krill Oil, & DHA Gold from Algae Krill & anchovy are great protein-based sources of EPA and DHA. They are also very tiny fish, which makes them less likely to harbor high mercury levels. Unlike salmon oil (which is the most popular source of Omega 3 for dogs), anchovy and krill are at the bottom of the food chain, so they do not experience the effects of biomagnification quite like salmon do.

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