Fussie Cat - Canned Cat Food - Wild Caught Tuna With Crab Surimi - 400G (Min. 24 Cans)

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Cat instinctively have a low thirst drive, and are physiologically designed to obtain in most of their water from their diet. A cat's normal prey is approximately 70 percent water. So, even if you always keep their water bowl full, that may not be enough. Canned wet food contains approximately 78 percent water, similar to a diet in the wild. By feeding your feline with Fussie Cat Canned, you are helping your cat to stay hydrated.

Quality Ingredients:

Tuna, Water, Crab Surimi,  Gelling Agent, Sodium Nitrite, Taurine, Vitamin B1, FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharide)

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein (min) – 13.0%
Fat (min) – 1.0%
Fiber (max) – 1.0%
Ash (max) – 1.0%
Moisture (max) – 83.0%
Energy – 75.87 kcal/100g

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