Fourflax - Flaxseed Oil Supplement for Dogs & Cats - 150ML

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FourFlax Flaxseed Oil for Dogs & Cats

FOURFLAX Flaxseed oil is a plant based omega supplement for pets. It has diverse health benefits on skin/coat, joints, heart, immune system and general maintenance. Particularly useful for pets with itchy, sensitive skin.

Made in New Zealand
1% cold-pressed flaxseed oil with no preservative
Formulated specially for pets with a 4:1 omega ratio
Omega 3 content is double that of fish oil
High palatability with no fishy odour

Key Health Benefits:
Skin & Coat: improve dry, itchy, sensitive skin prone to allergy or dermatitis. Promotes healthy & shiny coats.
Joints: alleviate inflammation and improve mobility
Heart: cardiovascular protection
Immune system: ideal support and general health maintenance

Special features:
Our flaxseeds are naturally grown in the South Island of New Zealand (Canterbury region), where due to its unique climate is particularly suitable for harvesting flaxseeds with >6% Omega 3 content (double the amount as commonly found in fish oil)
1% pure flaxseed oil with no additives or preservatives
Specially formulated for pets with an ideal Omega 3: Omega 6 balance of 4:1 for pets use.

Active ingredient:1% flaxseed oil

Feeding Guide:
Pour directly over feeds or mix with food. Give according to body weight as below.
Refrigerate after opening.
0-5kg: 2ml once daily
6-11kg: 4ml once daily
12-15kg: 6ml once daily
16-2kg: 8ml once daily
21-3kg: 1ml once daily
31-4kg: 12ml once daily
41-5kg: 15ml once daily

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