Ecuphar - F-Lysine Supplement for Cats- 150G

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F-Lysine A nutritional supplement for cats that inhibits Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1) self-replication. Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1) is one of the most common viruses in cats and cats. It causes cats to have symptoms such as cold sneezing, eye infections and inflammation, and even more than 90% of cats appear. Chronic and periodic conjunctivitis, there will be upper respiratory tract infections. When FHV-1 occurs, it usually causes other bacterial infections at the same time. And once infected with FHV-1, it will accompany the cat for a lifetime. Lysine (lysine) is a kind of amino acid, which is an important trace element in protein and an important nutrient for metabolism. It can effectively absorb enough calcium and maintain nitrogen balance for cats, help to make antibodies, hormones, enzymes, etc., to make collagen and repair cell tissue, help growth and bone development, improve sneezing and eye infections.


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