Ecuphar - Dermazyme Losham Base Shampoo - 240ML

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Dermazyme is a dermatological approach to solve individual skin problems consisting of a shampoo and various activators.


is a hypoallergenic Shampoo. It unites the grooming properties of a shampoo with the moisturising function of a lotion.


In order to activate Losham to treat various skin problems, four different activators are available and are simply mixed into the Losham.

Dermazyme ACTI-BAC: chlorhexidine + phenoxyethanol in case of bacterial skin diseases

Dermazyme ACTI-FUNGAL: climbazol + ethyl acetate in case of fungal diseases

DermazymeACTI-SEB: salicylic acid + climbazol in case of seborrhea

Dermazyme ACTI-FILM: silicone complex + chamomile in case of allergic skin diseases and itching


Give 10ml of the selected activator to the Losham. You can choose up to 3 activators and given to the basic substance in the bottle.

Moisturise the fur of the animal with water. Then apply a sufficient amount of Dermazyme to the skin. Draw a line from the neck to the tail. Massage the product into the skin, it should build a nice foam. Let it work for a few minutes. Subsequently, rinse the fur carefully with lukewarm water. The shampoo can be used up to 2-3 times a week.

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