PetProject.HK: Eco-me - Hand Soap - Mia by Eco Me - Wild Jasmine - 4OZ

Eco-me - Hand Soap - Mia by Eco Me - Wild Jasmine - 4OZ

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Meet Mia, part of the Eco Me Family! 100% Natural & Chemical-Free, 4 oz bottle 
PUMP up the CLEAN, foaming hand soap, Over 150 uses per bottle! 
Choose from 2 great scents, made from pure plant essential oils:
* Citrus Sage
* Wild Jasmine

  • -No Dyes
  • -No Parabens
  • -No Preservatives
  • -No SLS, SLES, ALS 
  • -No Synthetic Fragrances 
  • -No Surfactants

GREEN RATING: **** (4 Stars)
* Save your health, use safe, chemical-free products.
* Save your Environment, products are recyclable.
* Save your Waterways, no toxins going down your drain.
* Save your air and use chemical-free products in your home.

One pump is all you need. Wash hands in hot water, suds up, and rinse. During flu and cold season, sing Happy Birthday while your rub-a-dub the suds, then rinse. Germs be gone! 

Antibacterial chemical soaps are more harmful than good.
Essential oils made from plants have antibacterial properties.
Natural clean smells healthy and fresh, not sickly and toxic.
Eco-Me products are testing for safety and effectiveness.
Eco-Me does not test on animals or use animal bi-products (PETA & LEAPING BUNNY APPROVED)



Castile Soap (Aloe, Olive & Coconut oils), Plant Essential Oils. CITRUS SAGE: Grapefruit, Clary Sage WILD JASMINE: Jasmine, Bergamot, Sandalwood 

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