PetProject.HK: Eco-me - Dog Detangler - Grapefruit Sage - 16OZ

Eco-me - Dog Detangler - Grapefruit Sage - 16OZ

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Natural Dog Fur Detangler ph balanced for gentle pet care 16oz

PET #1 Container, Safe Ingredients. 

Choose from 3 natural scents: ~Lemon Citronella ~Grapefruit Sage

-No Dyes 
-No Parabens
-No Chemical Preservatives 
-No Synthetic Fragrances 
-No Surfactants 
-No Detergents 

GREEN RATING: **** (4 Stars) 
* Save your pet's health with healthy grooming products. 
* Save your Environment, products are recyclable. 
* Save your Waterways, no toxins going down your drain. 
* Save your air and use chemical-free products in your home. 

DIRECTIONS: Shake before use to mix essential oils. Use a small amount to start, spray onto knotted fur, brush gently to loosen knots. For thick matted areas, spray and massage into knots, let sit, then brush. Always test a small area before full use. 

FACTS: Essential oils made from plants have antibacterial properties. Pet grooming products with chemicals and detergents may cause disease. The increase of pet skin irritation, hot spots and dandruff are often a cause of chemical base grooming products. Eco-Me products are testing for safety and effectiveness. Eco-Me is a proud partner of the NPA (Natural Products Association). Eco-Me does not test on animals or use animal bi-products (PETA & LEAPING BUNNY APPROVED)

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