CIAO - Cat Canned Food - Premium Tuna and Lobster with Chicken Fillet and Bonito Flakes - 80G (24 Cans)

SKU 6749-80G


  • Complementary cat food
  • Contains odor reducing green tea extract
  • Formulated in Japan

Chicken (scissors), tuna, American lobster, scallop extract, bonito, sugar (oligosaccharide etc.), vegetable oil, thickener (processed starch), minerals, seasoning (amino acids etc), thickening polysaccharide , Vitamin E, Monascus pigment, Green tea extract, Carotenoid pigment

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 7.0%
Crude Fat 0.4%
Crude Fiber 0.1%
Crude Ash 1.6%
Moisture 91.0%
Approx 40kcal/can