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Baskerville - Classic Muzzle

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Training your dog to wear a muzzle can be a helpful exercise for all pet dogs, muzzles can be used for many reasons; safety (if your dog has displayed aggressive tendencies towards other animals or people), prevention of scavenging during walks, whilst at the vets or groomers or when introducing to new pets. Muzzles should be comfortable for your dog to wear and allow him to pant and drink especially if being used during exercise.

Time should be taken to teach your dog acceptance of the muzzle so he is happy and relaxed about wearing it.

This classic box-design muzzle is typically suitable for dogs with narrow noses. The traditional design prevents food scavenging and harmful self-licking. Perfect for: Handling and grooming, Protection of wounds, Supervised freedom for assertive dogs, Prevents scavenging.


Product Size

Size 1 - Length: 5cm/2 inches ; Circumference: 18.8cm/7.4 inches

Size 2 - Length: 5cm/2 inches ; Circumference: 20cm/8 inches

Size 3 - Length: 5.6cm/2.2 inches ; Circumference: 21.3cm/8.4 inches

Size 4 - Length: 6cm/2.4 inches ; Circumference: 23cm/9 inches

Size 5 - Length: 6.6cm/2.6 inches ; Circumference: 25.4cm/10 inches

Size 6 - Length: 8.6cm/4 inches ; Circumference: 29cm/11.4 inches

Size 7 - Length: 9cm/3.6 inches ; Circumference: 33cm/13 inches

Size 8 - Length: 10cm/4 inches ; Circumference: 34cm/13.4 inches

Size 9 - Length: 11cm/4.4 inches ; Circumference: 35.5cm/14 inches

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