Almo Nature - Wet Food for Dogs - HFC Complete - Turkey - 95G (min. 24 Cans)

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A series of recipes enriched with vitamins and minerals to satisfy the dog's needs within each individual meal.

Nutritionally balanced with the addition of vegetables for a better taste and aroma than traditional Italian cuisine.

  • ☻HFC
  • ☻Highly Bio-Available Animal Protein
  • ☻Skin Care
  • ☻Digestive Care
  • ☻Monoprotein
  • ☻Gluten Free
  • ☻Additive Free
Turkey 58% (meat 48%, liver 10%), Brown Rice 8%, Beetroot 4%, Celery, Dandelion, Basil
Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 10.5%
Crude Fibres 0.9%
Crude Fat 5.5%
Crude Ash 2%
Moisture 78%
Energy Value 983 Kcal/kg

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