Allerpet - Pet Dander Remover - 355ML

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Pet lover would do whatever it takes to stay close to their pets, even suffering from allergic reactions. People clean up more often, take pills, or even stay close to their pets with a runny nose, red eyes, itchy feeling or even eczema. But with Allerpet, you can stay with the pets whenever you want!

It is mainly the dander, secretions and protein left by the pets’ urine that causes allergy, rather than the hair. Allerpet’s plant-based extract formula specifically remove these allergens, moisturize pet’s skin and hair at the same time. It prevents dander from occurring as well, keeping the pet comfortable.

The product is food grade, which is safe for pets to ingest, and it is not a shampoo, which is suitable for pets who hate showering or bathing.

Product Features

  • Specifically design to remove protein allergens from the likes of birds, hamsters or rabbits etc.
  • No additional fragrance, not affecting pets’ smelling
  • Moisturize the skin, will not cause dry skin and dander
  • Anti-allergic, dander removing, cleaning, moisturizing all-in-one
  • Stay closer with your pets!
  • Made in USA

Suitable for: Owners with allergies, rabbits, squirrels, birds, hamsters

Special recommendation: Paralyzed rabbits, small animals that need special care

How to Use

Use 1-2 times per week according to needs, routine caring has better anti-allergic effectiveness

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