PetProject.HK: Beaphar - Bio Band (Herbal) Repellent Collar For Cats

Beaphar - Bio Band (Herbal) Repellent Collar For Cats

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  • Collar for cats and kittens with natural oils. Blood-sucking mosquito and insect repellent, reduces itching and skin irritation, prevents unpleasant odors animals.
  • Ingredients: Margosa extract oil from the field in general, eucalyptus oil, d-Limonene.
  • May come in new or old packaging.

Instructions for use:

  • Before using the collar open container. Fix the collar loosely around the neck. After attaching the collar to the neck begins to spread oil on hair cats.
  • The collar is effective for 4 months. The collar can be used for kittens over 2 months.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Store at room temperature.

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